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Sharing is caring. Please treat ekar like your own car. Service fees are charged to ensure ekars are always in good condition for everyone.

Fees for an unsuccessful charge, cheque bounce, or payment rejected by credit or debit card issuer

Transaction of less than AED 10 = AED 1

Transaction above AED 10 = 10% upto AED 50

Non-refueling of the Dubai PPM vehicles when at or below a 1/4100
In case of an accident, an additional fee for not providing a police report within 3 days of the incident500
Smoking inside the ekar vehicle500
For all vehicles: parking outside of authorized parking zones150
Lost Keys - Actual amount charged by the agency + AED 150 admin feeActuals + 150
Parking/Speeding ticket less than AED 20055
Refueling / top-up of ekar-x fleetActual + AED 50 Admin Fee
Other charges for example: number plate loss, tampering with Salik / VIP / vehicle logos, tint removal, etc Actuals + 150
Fee for Legal CasesAED 150 + Actual Fee Paid to the Court
Tesla Dubai Carshare Overmileage FeeAED 1.5/km
All delayed reservations are applicable for a penalty fee of a minimum315
A security deposit fee is mandatory for users with tourist/visiting visa (refundable in 30 days after the last reservation upon account cancelation)2,000
For any legal formalities, an additional fee will be applicable 15% of the total decline amount + any legal fees, document charges, court fees etc (as per actuals)Actuals + 15%
Non Refueling (Subscription Leasing Vehicles)Actual + AED 50 Admin Fee

Unsecured vehicle fee150
Salik/Toll (Dubai/Abu Dhabi)5.25
Drained battery fee or leaving the headlights on250
Parking/Speeding tickets charge more than 200100
Loss of use fee (e.g. Impounded vehicle)150
Excess Amount in case of Accidents (irrespective of nature of the damage)3000
The excess amount in case of Accidents (irrespective of the nature of the damage) with the driver under 25 years of age or an unauthorized driver3,000 + 20% of the total claim amount
Unused reservation fees5
Towing/recovery charges (oneway)250
Delivery charges for rental vehicles irrespective of the no of days booked99
Excess Loss of Use (Delayed Police Report, Impounded Vehicle, Vehicle not Usable by Customers Fault) per Day100
Penalty fees for not switching off the ignition, or forgot to return the key inside the terminal200
Payment gateway fee per booking (Does not apply if you are paying with credits from your e-wallet)2.5
Accident admin fee for Tesla (Dubai & Abu Dhabi) - Excess amount in case of Accidents (irrespective of nature of the damage)5,000
Non-charging of Tesla vehicles when at or below 50 km driving range150
Penalty for ending the reservation in another city. Our members are required to end their reservation in the same city where they started their reservation.500
Cancellation fee 5

If the car is impounded by police or any other government authorities actual penalty, towing charges, and admin fee will be levied 

Actual penalty + AED 350
Accident Fee in case of total loss (except for Tesla, Landrover & Alfa Romeo Giulietta). An additional 20% of the total vehicle claim amount will be charged if the UAE DL is less than 6 months old or the customer's age is less than 25 years             AED 4,000

credit card validation fee1
additional driverPay Per Minute vehicles:
5 AED per Pay Per Minute reservation
20 AED per Daily reservation

Long Term vehicles:
25 AED per Daily reservation
75 AED per Weekly reservation
150 AED per Monthly reservation
car delivery charges99
Over mileage charges1 aed to 5 aed per km depends on car type
Lost & Found (Items will be scrapped if not collected within 90 days from the date we inform the customer)AED 30
In case of accidents (unknown party & underneath damages), if no police report is provided by the user, CDW will not be applicable and the user will be liable to pay the actual repair cost plus an admin fee of AED 500Actual Repair Cost + AED 500

Excessive cleaning fee (Dry Trash/Dirt)                 AED 75
Excessive cleaning fee (Stains, Wet Trash, Pet Hair)                 AED 200
Excessive cleaning fee (Deep Cleaning, Food Stains, Spilled Tee/Coffee)                 AED 300

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